Album 88

During my time as a graduate student, I was the Program Director (2006-7) and General Manager (2007-8) for Album 88 on WRAS-Atlanta. From 2007-8, the station received honors as Critics and Readers Pick for Best Overall Radio Station in Atlanta from Creative Loafing and Best College Radio Station honors from Atlanta Magazine. The station was also nominated for the national Best Radio Station from the College Music Journal.

In 2013-2014, the station received the Best Noncommercial Station award from Creative Loafing and three nominations in CMJ’s 2013 College Radio Awards (including a victory for then-Music Director Fray Devore in the “Will Not Sell Out” category). WRAS also won the college station aggregator Soundtap’s 2014 “Soundtap Madness” national contest.

Album 88 airs 24/7 online (also via TuneIn) and on the WRAS-HD2 signal in the Atlanta area. WRAS-FM airs Album 88 from 7p-5a (M-F)/6pm-8a (weekends) on 88.5 FM in Atlanta at 100,000 watts of effective radiated power.

Album 88’s rotation features a mix of indie rock, underground hip-hop and electronica. It also features syndicated public affairs programming, a student-produced news program (The Hub), sports broadcasts and a variety of speciality shows- including the Quintessential College Show, which I periodically fill in for the students from 4-6pm EST on Saturdays.

The moniker “Album 88” originates from WRAS’ spot on the radio dial (88.5 FM) and the music department’s rotation that stresses multiple cuts from full-length releases, as opposed to one single.


90.9 Blaze
91.9 The Buzz
ABAC Radio
Jazz 91.9 WCLK
Mercer Radio
SCAD-Atlanta Radio
SCAD Radio
WBCX 89.1
The Eagle 89.7 FM

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