Student Media

(This website does not officially represent Georgia State University, its Student Media divisions, nor any viewpoints of administration or students involved therein)

In my current role as Assistant Director for Student Media at Georgia State University, I am also a member of the College Media Association (previously known as College Media Advisers). My role as Director is to help facilitate student production on campus, whether it be the music that a student DJ plays, the news stories students choose to cover, the literature they choose to publish or the events they choose to film. In addition to assisting the leaders with budget management and organizational tasks, I do also step in to provide feedback on work, leadership workshops and to coordinate the Modern Media Conference on-campus each September.

Take a few moments to learn more about each of the Student Media organizations at Georgia State University by clicking on the links above.

College Media Association
College Media Advisers (on Facebook)
College Broadcasters Inc.
Student Press Law Center
Associated Collegiate Press

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