Bryce J. McNeil

(Bryce J. McNeil is the Assistant Director for Student Media at Georgia State University. This page does not officially represent Georgia State University, its Student Media divisions, nor any viewpoints of administration or students involved therein)


Welcome to my homepage! Feel free to browse around to learn about me and about the work of the many creative students I’m fortunate enough to advise daily.

I update my blog very sporadically but I still welcome you to add me to your blogroll (or whatever piece of software the Internet rolls out on an annual basis to alert you of such things). My blog entries tend to be a potpourri of commentary on student media, issues relevant to my native Canada and my Atlanta residence, and developments on my favourite corners of the media.

If you’re looking to contact me, just drop me a line at (or just visit my curriculum vitae for more contact information).

One thought on “Bryce J. McNeil

  1. Hi Bryce: Nice to see you’re getting the recognition you deserve. I was disappointed, however, to not read in your printed interview that you loved music enough to walk across Atlanta, at night, to experience a concert. That’s dedication (or something)!
    If you’re still on-campus, I have a VERY selfish reason to meet with you as I’m just about to launch my blog to promote my book (and one page of the blog includes a segment of my “radio show” that you allowed me to produce — thank you, again.)
    let me know your availability. I’m on-campus on Tuesdays only but, for you, I’ll make a special trip.

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